Friday, January 25, 2008

CWL--- New For Presidents' Day: Lincoln vs. Douglas & Lincoln vs. Douglas

The Long Pursuit: Abraham Lincoln's Thirty-Year Struggle with Stephen Douglas for the Heart and Soul of America, Roy Morris Jr., Collins Publishing, 272 pages, $24.95.

Roy Morris Jr., is the editor of Military Heritage magazine and the author of four books on the Civil War and post-Civil War eras, including Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the Stolen Election of 1876, which the Wall Street Journal hailed as "bravely nonconformist and greatly entertaining"; The Better Angel: Walt Whitman in the Civil War, which the New York Times praised as "a thrilling narrative told with empathy and vast learning"; and Ambrose Bierce: Alone in Bad Company, which the Washington Post called "a rousingly good life." Also, Morris has written Sheridan: The Life And Wars Of General Phil Sheridan. Roy Morris lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (text, in part, from publisher)

Lincoln and Douglas: The Debates that Defined America, Allen C. Guelzo, Simon and Schuster Publishing, 416 pp., $26.00.
Guelzo, a professor of history at Gettysburg College, is the author of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation: The End of Slavery in America, Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President, Lincoln Emancipated: The President And the Politics of Race with Brian R. Dirck, and Lincoln and Freedom: Slavery, Emancipation, and the Thirteenth Amendment with Herman Belz, Joseph R. Fornieri, and James Oliver Horton.

CWL: I've read both Morris' and Guezlo's works. Both are fine writers and researchers. To generalize, Morris' books are written for a broader audience and Guelzo's are written for a more academic audience.

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