Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gettysburg Daily Is Like The First Cup of Coffee

The Tipsy Historian responded to my review of Ethan Rafuse's Robert E. Lee book with a referral to a new Joseph T. Glatthaar article Everymans War: A Rich and Poor Man's Fight in Lee's Army in the September issue of Civil War History published quarterly by Kent State (Ohio).

Scanning the online contents of last three issues of Civil War History I found an essay by Ethan Rafuse entitled "Poor Burn?" The Antietam Conspiracy That Wasn't in the spring 2008 issue. While at the Tipsy Historian's weblog I found The Gettysburg Daily, a weblog with lots of current photographs and news including this interactive map (left) and an update on the Wills House (below).

Check out the Tipsy Historian's weblog and The Gettysburg Daily


Mark said...

How great is the Gettysburg Daily? Glad you liked it. Don't forget to check out gettysburg365.com. Amazing photos.
I wrote a review of Dr. Glatthaar's article; his approach is pretty important. My review is at:
Thanks for the mention today! Very cool of you.

Mark said...

Dr. Glatthaar is actually writing a book with his data; hopefully it's a hit. We'll see...