Thursday, June 04, 2009

Big Civil War Book Sale: LSU Press

The following are some of the American Civil War Books that are on sale at Louisiana State University Press.
CWL bought seven for $60 and that included shipping ($6 for the first book, $1 for each of the others). Many are as little as $5 and none that CWL purchased were over $10.
Here are a few titles that are on sale and the weblink.

Bergeron, Arthur W., Jr. - Confederate Mobile
Blackford, W. W. - War Years with Jeb Stuart
Blanton, DeAnne and Lauren Cook - They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers Civil War

Carmichael, Peter S., ed. - Audacity Personified: The Generalship of Robert E. Lee
Cimprich, John - Fort Pillow, a Civil War Massacre, and Public Memory
Connelly and Bellows - God and General Longstreet: The Lost Cause/the Southern Mind

Connelly and Jones - The Politics of Command: Factions & Ideas Confederate Strategy
Cooke, John E. - Wearing of the Gray: Being Personal Portraits, Scenes, Adventures
Cooper, William J., Jr. - Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era

Dufour, Charles L. - Gentle Tiger: The Gallant Life of Roberdeau Wheat
Duncan, R. - Lee's Endangered Left: The Civil War in Western Virginia, Spring of 1864

Dunkelman, Mark H. - Brothers One and All: Esprit de Corps in a Civil War Regiment
Dunkelman, Mark H. - War's Relentless Hand: Twelve Tales of Civil War Soldiers
Durden, Robert F. - The Gray and the Black: The Confederate Debate on Emancipation

Everett, Donald E., ed. - Chaplain Davis and Hood's Texas Brigade
Fitzgerald, M. - Urban Emancipation: Popular Politics in Reconstruction Mobile,
Forbes, Edwin - Thirty Years After: An Artist's Memoir of the Civil War

Franklin, John Hope, ed. - The Diary of James T. Ayers: Civil War Recruiter
Freeman, Douglas S.- South to Posterity: Introduction Writing of Confederate History
Gaines, W. Craig - Encyclopedia of Civil War Shipwrecks

Gordon, Lesley J. and John C. Inscoe, eds. - Inside the Confederate Nation
Gragg, Rod - Confederate Goliath: The Battle of Fort Fisher
Grant & Parish, eds. - Legacy of Disunion: The Enduring Significance o/t Civil War

Hearn, Chester G. - Ellet's Brigade: The Strangest Outfit of All
Hearn, Chester G. - When the Devil Came Down to Dixie: Ben Butler in New Orleans
Hyde, Bill, ed. - The Union Generals Speak: The Meade Hearings on Battle Gettysburg

Jones, Terry L., ed. - Campbell Brown's Civil War: With Ewell in the A N V
Krick, R. K. - The Smoothbore Volley that Doomed the Confederacy:
Krick, Robert K. - Conquering the Valley: Stonewall Jackson at Port Republic

Lowry, T. - Confederate Heroines: Southern Women Convicted by Union Military Justice
Massey, Mary Elizabeth - Refugee Life in the Confederacy
McWhiney, Grady, ed. - Grant, Lee, Lincoln and the Radicals: Essays Civil War Leaders
Radley, Kenneth J. - Rebel Watchdog: The Confederate States Army Provost Guard

Rhea, Gordon C. - The Battle of the Wilderness, May 5–6, 1864
Rhea, G. - Battles for Spotsylvania C. H. and Road to Yellow Tavern, May 7–12, 1864
Rhea, Gordon C. - Cold Harbor: Grant and Lee, May 26–June 3, 1864
Rhea, G. C. - In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee: The Wilderness through Cold Harbor
Rhea, Gordon C. - To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13–25, 1864

Siddali, S.R. - From Property to Person: Slavery and the Confiscation Acts, 1861–1862
Starr, Stephen Z. - Union Cavalry in the Civil War: From Fort Sumter-Gettysburg,
Starr, Stephen Z. - Union Cavalry in the Civil War: The War Gettysburg to Appomattox
Starr, Stephen Z. - Union Cavalry in the Civil War: The War in the West, 1861–1865

Wiley, Bell Irvin - Road To Appomattox
Wiley, Bell Irvin - The Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy
Winschel, Terrence J., ed. - The Civil War Diary of a Common Soldier: William Wiley of the 77th Illinois Infantry

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