Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reenactment: Bentonville North Carolina Battlefield Today

The park, founded in 1965 and portion was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1996. Today the Bentonville Battleground State Historic site includes 130 acres of the battlefield. A visitor's center and the restored Harper House, which served as a hospital for Union soldiers during the battle is on the site.

The Bentonville Battlefield Historical Association and the Civil War Preservation Trust also owns portions of the battlefield not included in the state park, including 901 acres by the CWPT alone. The photograph above is of Confederate reenactors assaulting the Federal entrenchments during the 145th anniversary event.

The photographs above and on the left show the Confederate assault on the Federal right wing. The musket barrel in the the left photograph belongs to Civil War Librarian.

Camping during the event was campaign-style on the original battleground that included Federal entrenchments. The event included two scripted battles. In both battles Federals dug and the Rebels charged.

Text and Image Source: Civil War Librarian

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