Friday, June 04, 2010

Off Topic: Classic Music Live

OK. I'll tell you the story.

Buffalo, New York, 1976. I rushed the stage for the encores when the security let us. I got there first on on the band's left side. By the end of the first song, my feet were in the air, literally not figuratively. The crowd was so packed that I got lifted up and tipped, at the waist, on to the stage. Evil stares were cast my way by big, big black shirted men.

I pushed back and stood straight up with my feet off the ground. Bruce roared past. I screamed the lyrics at him as he went by me. At the center of the stage he slammed on the brakes and a sheet of sweat came right through his clothes and hung in the the air like light on a Christmas tree. He turned back to look a me. And then he came, stood he front of me, gave me the Big Nod and ran back to the center of the stage.

Later I 'screamed his name at night in the streets'.

So check out the 6:00+ minute version of 'Dancing in the Dark'

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