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News---Intriguing Civil War Board Game Factors In Lincoln's and Davis' Politics

Lincoln's War, Designer: John Poniske, Artist: Nicolás Eskubi, Publisher: Multi-Man Publishing, 2010, Pre-order price, $60.00, retail order price, $80.00.

Lincoln's War is a CDG that reflects the fickle nature of politics and juggling resources during the American Civil War.

In Lincoln’s War, the battlefield is an extension of the political arena. More than 125 historical movers and shakers support or oppose their presidents’ conduct of the war. Each card's activation number can goose a general into action, or be banked as political currency (PCs), used to promote worthy commanders, purchase war material, force indecisive commanders into action or be translated into direct support for commanders in the field. Overwhelming political support (a decisive point spread between the player’s PC totals) or lack of support (driving an opponent to 0 PCs by the end of a turn) is necessary for victory.

Unique features include an original combat system, seditious characters, immobilization (commander paralysis) rules, blockade rules and Confederate commerce raiding. The combat system does not employ dice, but does require the player to husband resources in the form of enthusiastic political support (ESPs). Seditious characters such as Joseph Brown and Zebulon Vance for the Confederates and Fernando Wood and Clement Vallendigham for the Union oppose their respective administrations. Expect them to steal political support at some time during the game. Immobilization tokens or ITs replace damage tokens in the game. ITs reflect not only casualties but hesitation, confusion, recuperation, perhaps even insubordination.

Lincoln's War is nearly ten years in the making. Of moderate complexity, the entire war can be completed by proficient players in under 3 hours. Win or lose, play-testers inevitably experience a high level of sustained tension. Thanks for visiting. We very much appreciate your interest and your comments.

A card driven Civil War game that is less complex than For the People, but more detailed than the Price of Freedom. The map uses hexes of approximately 70-80-miles across. With exceptions for certain commanders, combat is without dice. To quote the designer:

Lincoln’s War revolves around political influence points which can be used for a variety of purposes. Political influence can be banked, spent on activation, promotion, building naval assets, stockpiling combat resources, or goading a recalcitrant general into action. In the field, combat strength is represented but outranked by the personalities of the generals that command them. As the commander’s fortunes rise and fall so do the fortunes of his army. Some generals are better in the offense, some in the defense, some are completely unpredictable in battle.

Text and Image Source: Lincoln's War webpage

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Alan said...

While I am going to purchase John Poniske's game when it comes out, I would also recommend an earlier card game, Blue v Gray:

While it is more about high command choices, it gives a rich picture of the ACW.

Alan Poulter