Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Research Query and a Reply----Ten Union Spies Hung At Natchez?

Here is a post requesting aid in research.  Intriguing topic . . . .

The request was posted November 12 2012 on H-Net Civil War History listserv. 

From: Ellen Garvey [mailto:ellengarvey@earthlink.net]

Subject: Union Spies Hanged At Natchez?

An African American dealer in old newspapers, Robert M. Budd, who I have been writing about said in an interview with a reporter in the 1932 that his father was "one of ten Union spies sent SOuth to report on the Confederacy's preparations for war. He and several of his companions were discovered, their identity revealed, and they were hanged at Natchez." I don't know Budd's father's name, and don't know whether he was black or white. He seems to have been born in Washington
DC. Does anyone know how I might find more out about this?           Thanks,  Ellen            

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Image Is Of Civilians Hung For Burning Railroad Bridges En East Tennessee, 1862
Image Source: CivilWarDailyGazette
Reply to Ellen Garvey
A H-Net Civil War Response from Charles F. Ritter, Ph.D., Professor of History Emeritus, Notre Dame of Maryland University: 
" You may wish to consult Winthrop Jordon's Tumult and Silence at Second
which is a very good account of the Natchez Insurrection"

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