Monday, March 10, 2014

News---Most of Gettysburg's Wax Museum Contents Goes On The Auction Block

The American Civil War Wax Museum is selling the contents of the building on Saturday March 15. The auction is located at the building which is being renovated. The museum will re-open with a focus upon Adams County civilians during the Gettysburg campaign, and the Underground Railroad. The location of the building is upon the land of the northern most portion of the July 3rd Grand Assault, also known as Longstreet's Attack and Pickett's Charge.  The small theater which contains the Pickett's Charge exhibit will remain.  For sale are wax and vinyl figures, the scenery within the small exhibits, oil portraits, tapestries, furniture, books, tinware, uniforms, and weapons.

The business will reopen  in 2014 as the Gettysburg Heritage Center. The American Civil War Wax Museum company estimates that since its 1962 opening 9 million people have walked through the displays. The sale preview dates are Wednesday March 12, 12 noon to 5:00p, Thursday March 13, 4:00 to 8:00; Friday March 14 12 noon to 5:00p

Here is the link to the auction's contents Public Auction, National Civil War Wax Museum

Image Source:  Exhibit of Brook's Assault on Sumner

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