Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sesquicentennial News---Abraham Lincoln/Fritz Klein Travels From Springfield to Washington, D.C.

February 14, 1861/2011. Abraham Lincoln visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the way to his inaugration March 4, 1861/2011.

The location is Soldiers and Sailors National Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fritz Klein portrayed Abraham Lincoln and did a spectacular job! With Fritz Klein is CWL and Lea Maureen Redd. The banner is a 2010 creation of a banner used by the Wide Awakes during the 1860 presidential campaign. The Wide Awakes formed in the spring of 1860 as bodyguards for Republican speakers during the campaign. In Pittsburgh, approximately 5,000 Wide Awakes paraded over two days in September 1860. The photograph was taken by Casey Patterson, program assistant of Soldiers and Sailors Museum.

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