Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sesquicentennial News---SCV Reenacts Jefferson Davis' Inauguration and Adds Remarks

YouTube Video of Remarks at reenactment of inauguration of Jefferson Davis, February 20, 2011. 5:56 minutes long

Short summary of SCV remarks at a reenactment of Jefferson Davis' inauguration on February 20, 2011.

Notions presented: Southern history is besieged like Harry Potter is besieged in a recent movie.

Regardless of whatever Confederate flag you [the audience] fly . . . anti-Confederate crowd will come at you [the audience].

During the sesquicentennial people will be getting information on the history of the South from an anti-Confederate crowd, the politically correct crowd such as MSNBC, USAToday or the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The original Confederates are being treated as treasonous, as evil, as Nazis, and as terrorists and have been sent to the back of the bus like Rosa Parks was sent to the back of the bus [during the 1950s].

Southerners with Confederate ancestors must stop the lies and must free people from their ignorance of the Confederacy and from their narrow mindeness, bigoty and intolerance regarding the original Confederates.

People of the Confederate states have been forced to the back of the bus. All we [the speaker and the audience] ask is to be left alone.

Top Image: 2011 Reenactment, Lafayette Advertiser

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