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News---Gettysburg Seminar Papers Full Text Now Available Online

There have been thirteen Gettysburg Seminars 1992; the fourteenth will occur this April. The first seven were annual events; seminars eight through fourteen were held every even year. Beginning with the fourth seminar, the papers of the seminars were published in book format during the next year and the availability of these print copies have been sporadic.

Now the books are available online in full text with images that include maps, photographs and sketches. Here is a list of the first thirteen seminars; it was with the fourth seminar that GNMP began publishing the papers. Papers for seminars one, two and three were not collected.

1. The Changing Interpretations of Gettysburg.The First Annual Gettysburg Seminar. March 6-7, 1992.Publication Date: No papers published

2 Battlefields as Sacred Ground. The Second Annual Gettysburg Seminar. March 5-6, 1993. Publication Date: No papers published

3 The Public and Private Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Third Annual Gettysburg Seminar. March 5, 1994.Publication Date: No papers published

4 Gettysburg 1895-1995: The Shaping of an American Shrine. The Fourth Annual Gettysburg Seminar. March 4, 1995. Publication Date: 1995

5 Unsung Heroes of Gettysburg. Programs of the Fifth Annual Gettysburg Seminar. March 23, 1996. Publication Date: 1996

6 Mr. Lincoln’s Army: The Army of the Potomac in the Gettysburg Campaign.
Programs of the Sixth Annual Gettysburg Seminar. 1997. Publication Date: 1998

7 The High Water Mark of an Army: The Army of Northern Virginia in the Gettysburg Campaign. Programs of the Seventh Annual Gettysburg Seminar. 1998. Publication Date: 1999

8 The American Civil War in 1863. Programs of the Eighth Annual Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar. 2000. Publication Date: 2001

9 "I ordered no man to go where I would not go myself": Leadership in the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg. Papers of the Ninth Annual Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar. April 6-7, 2002. Publication Date: 2002

10 "This has been a terrible ordeal": The Gettysburg Campaign and First Day of Battle. Papers of the Tenth Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar. April 3-4, 2004. Publication Date: 2005

11 "The Most Shocking Battle I Have Ever Witnessed": The Second Day at Gettysburg. Papers of the 2006 (11th) Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar. April 8-9, 2006. Publication Date: 2008

12 The Fate Of A Nation: The Third Day at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.
Papers of the 2008 (12th) Gettysburg Seminar. April 12-13, 2008. Publication Date: 2010

13 Gettysburg: The Aftermath and the End of the Campaign. Papers of the 2010 (13th) Gettysburg Seminar. April 10-11, 2010.

14 Gettysburg In History and Memory. Papers of the 2012 (14th) Gettysburg Seminar. April 13-15, 2012.

A sample of the contents include: "We Marched and Fought This Battle Without Baggage or Wagons", The Army of the Potomac's Logisticians during the Gettysburg Campaign by Mark A. Snell; "The Fate Of A Country," The Repulse of Longstreet's Assault by the Army of the Potomac, by D. Scott Hartwig; Richard Ewell, Robert E. Lee and Cemetery Hill: The Importance of Ewell's July 2 Attack on Cemetery Hill Has Been Missed, by Troy Harman; and Mahan At West Point, 'Gallic Bias' in the 'Old Army': The Subconscious of Leadership at Gettysburg, by Michael Phipps.

The Gettysburg Seminars are available in htm and pdf format on the NPS History E_Library page at

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