Wednesday, February 15, 2012

News---Will the GBPA Store The Electric Map At Daniel Lady Farm?

Gettysburg Battlefield Group Offers To Store Electric Map, Mark Walters, Gettysburg Times, February 14, 2012

A preservation group has offered to store the Electric Map of the Gettysburg battlefield as part of an effort to save the popular attraction. Gettysburg National Military Park officials recently announced they were considering disposing of the Electric Map because it’s too large to display in the new Museum & Visitor Center. Park officials also believe it lacks the interpretive value of other attractions.

In response, the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association has offered to store the map. “It would be great if we could see the map return,” association President Brendan Synnamon said. “Losing the foot traffic from the old visitor’s center was a severe blow to borough merchants.” The map is 30 squarefeet in size and contains about 625 flashing lights used to depict formations and troop movements from the Battle of Gettysburg.

Still, the map is more than 60 years old and contaminated with friable asbestos. The initial response from the (park) was that the asbestos factor is going to hold up a decision on disposal of the map for months so the map isnt in imminent danger, Synnamon explained. That will give our board of trustees (time) to consider the feasibility of storage and restoration. The map and its small amphitheater were added to the parks old visitor center in 1963 as part of the commem oration of the 100th anniversary of the battle. But it was not included in the new Museum & Visitor Center that opened three years ago. The map was disassembled and placed in storage.

Synnamon said it would be nice to see the attraction restored for the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg next year. What better way to observe Gettysburgs 150th than a united campaign to restore this (map) that has educated many thousands of Americans, young and old, about how the Battle of Gettysburg played out.

Text Source: Gettysburg Times

Image Source: National Parks Traveler

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