Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Film---Gettysburg 2011 on History Channel, Memorial Day

J.D. Petruzzi, author of The Complete Gettysburg Guide, reflects on the above image and notes: Here's an advertising screen shot from the upcoming History Channel presentation of the Scott brothers' "Gettysburg" (May 30, 9pm). Note the Hardee hat with the wrong side pinned up, and the crossed-rifles insignia on the front of it (not used by the Army until 1875). Hoo boy.

Image Source: Facebook


Tami Martin said...

a bunch of crap. liberal minded BS never watch the HC again. what a one sided story.

Dave said...

Well, the show as expected was garbage. Wolverine standing in for Barksdale was interesting. But, as for the hat, the cover of Nolan's Iron Brigade book shows the same side of the Hardee hat pinned up.

Rea Andrew Redd said...

Yep the film was altogether weak. Why doesn't the History Channel get a Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield guide to either write or proof the script. As for the Hardee Hat, CWL looked through images and gleaned comments from friends. Hardee Hats were pinned on either side. Having had one one for a film shoot, CWL realized that a right side pin allow for a better 'shoulder arms' position. Wolverine as Barksdale? Yea, I see it!