Saturday, May 14, 2011

New and Huh?---Angels of The Battlefield and John Beatty's Civil War Memoir

Angels of the Battlefield: The Citizen-Soldier or Memoirs of a Volunteer, John Beatty (Author), Eric Paul Erickson (Photographer, CreateSpace, 322 pp, $13.95

Excerpt: "As we marched through the city my attention was directed to a sign bearing the inscription, in large black letters, 'NEGROES BOUGHT AND SOLD.' We have known, to be sure, that negroes were bought and sold, like cattle and tobacco, but it, nevertheless, awakened new, and not by any means agreeable, sensations to see the humiliating fact announced on the broad side of a commercial house. These signs must come down."

The classic memoir of the man who rose from private to brigadier general during the Civil War and went on to serve in the US House of Representatives. From The TOTC Press Angels of the Battlefield collection, bound with the stunning cover art photography of Eric Paul Erickson, this classic of American memoirs gives an inside look into life as a soldier during the Civil War.

CWL has no idea what is going on here. John Beatty's memoir was published in the Time-Life Civil War Library about 25 years ago. Has it been puffed up with color photographs of hot chicks?


Brendan said...

The listed publisher, CreateSpace, is a self-publishing vehicle. I'm guessing this is either an unlicensed release or the memoir is currently in the public domain. Just a guess, but yeah, this is definitely weird.

sharpinLA said...

Yes it's public domain so it can be reprinted.