Sunday, May 01, 2011

News---Blackhawk Down Producers Give Gettysburg A Treatment

Gettysburg produced by Ridley and Tony Scott, premieres on Monday, May 30 at 9:00pm on the History Channel. The word from the History Channel is "Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, this two-hour History special will strip away the romanticized veneer of the Civil War and present the engagement in a new light: a visceral, terrifying experience with everything on the line. At its core, this is the story of the soldiers on the ground, not the generals who commanded from behind the frontlines. Compelling CGI and powerful action footage place viewers in the midst of the fighting, delivering both an emotional cinematic experience and an information packed look at the turning points, technology, and little known facts of perhaps America's greatest battle." lists the director as Adrian Moat who has directed episodes for televison, most notably The Hunger and the writer as Richard Bedser who has written 14 documentaries, most for TV and many on history. Eamon Fitzpatrick, the line producer, worked extensively with The Story of US and Mary Lisio, executive producer has worked almost exclusively in television. Ridley and Tony Scott have produced films such as Blackhawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, Gladiator, Man on Fire and Unstoppable.

The slug line is "Gettysburg: Never Has War Been So Personal." The preview shows a lot of action and has movie theme music but no narrative. The scenes look good; there are no overweight reenactors, but there are some very long white beards in the CSA ranks. Didn't see any women in the ranks though the numbers in the ranks look pretty thin. No majestic Pickett's Charge from Ted Turner's Gettysburg. The film is stated to be two hours long and CWL expects it to be offered for sale soon after the initial showing.

For The Trailer go to the History Channel.

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