Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CWL---Clear and Concise: The Texas Revolution in Detail and Context

The Texas War of Independence 1835-1836: From Outbreak to the Alamo to San Jacinto, Alan Huffines, 96 pages, Osprey Publishing, 96 pp., maps, illustrations, bibliography,index, $14.95.

Clear and concise, The Texas War of Independence 1835-1836 is a thorough introduction to the birth of the Texas Republic. Beginning with a full color map of Texas and Mexico in 1830 and a four page annotated chronology, Alan Huffines describes the Mexican revolutions and civil wars. The Texian and Mexican armies, with their leaders are described succinctly. Two chapters focus on the combat of the Texas Revolution. Importantly, Huffines sets the war in the context of the Jacksonian politics, the Seminole Wars, British and French commerical lust for Texas and California, the several attempts at annexation, and the Mexican-American War.

In particular, Huffines notes the jeopardy of Texans' slaveholding as the republic develops commercial ties with Great Britain which had outlawed both the slave trade and then slavery in its empire two years before the revolution. In addition, Huffines describes the several unique personalities of the times, include "The Babe of The Alamo" and Juan Almonte. The editors of Osprey Books have located an 1836 battlefield map of the Alamo that was prepared by a Mexican army topographer and the 1854 'Late Texas Republic' certificate that Elizabeth Crockett, widow of David Crockett, received with a check for $24 for services her spouse rendered during the revolution, as well as many other primary sources. The Texas War of Independence 1835-1836: From Outbreak to the Alamo to San Jacinto is useful for teachers and will be enjoyable for those who have a general interest in the Texas Revolution.

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