Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Press Release---2009 Fiscal Year Federal Budget Increases NPS Share

The President’s Fiscal Year 2009 proposed budget for the National Park Service (NPS) provides no funding for the new Centennial Challenge program, pending an expected congressional authorization for the program this year. In FY ’08, Congress provided $25 million in funding for the program. The Centennial Challenge is a ten-year initiative to generate $2 billion in public and private matching grants to prepare for the Park Service’s Centennial celebration in 2016.

Here is a summary of major programs at the National Park Service of interest to the historical community.

Cultural Programs—$22 million ($23 million)
Historic Preservation Fund–$66 million ($71.5 million)
Preserve America program–$10 million ($7.5 million)
Heritage Partnerships program— $7 million ($15.5 million)
Save America’s Treasures Program–$15 Million ($25 million)
Grants-in-Aid–$41.7 million ($45.7million)
The proposed budget also includes $2 million new funding to initiate a national inventory of historic properties.


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