Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Online Album---The Art of William Bretzger

For those who appreciate the art of photography, William Bretzger has posted his work at

There are many who take pictures of Gettysburg and there are the few whose photographs become art. Chris Heisey's photographs come to CWL's mind as an example ones that should be framed and hung in a gallery. William Bretzger's online album achieves that level also. At some point, when you are walking the streets of downtown Gettysburg and your eye is skimming over the original art displayed in the windows of retail stores, you may find yourself stopping for a more concentrated focus on a photograph. William Bretzger's photographs have an evocative clarity that startles the viewer. The outdoor sculpture of Gettysburg can be overly familiar; Bretzger's work opens the viewer's imagination. Sunlight, colors, shadows and perspective blend to tell a new story.

The website, Gettysburg365, is updated weekly and has only Gettysburg photographs displayed. Bretzger, CWL suspects, lives close enough to the battlefield that dawn, full sun, twilight, clouds, snow, and rain are on his photographic palette; his wwwsite has a variety that others don't have. His art is copyrighted; CWL hopes that it will be for sale at some point.

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