Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Two Day Seminar---Gettysburg: The Aftermath and the End of the Campaign

The Gettysburg National Military Park and the Gettysburg Foundation co-sponsor a every other year two day seminar that is limited to the first 240 registrants. The previous three seminars have focused on the July 1, July 2, and July 3 military engagements. In April 2010,the focus is on aftermath and the end of the campaign with seven lectures, the choice of two of five tours, and two 45 minute evening programs offered. The registration fee is $90 for the April 10-11 event.

Attendees will the following issues being addressed: What shortcomings did Lee, Longstreet and and Meade reveal during the retreat/advance? In what way, if any, was Gettysburg the turning point of the American Civil War? What roles did the Federal Provost Guard perform during the campaign? How significant is Camp Letterman Hospital that covered 80 acres and lasted 121 days? How do the letters and diaries of the wounded reveal about medical care after the battle? How do letters and diaries from the troops reveal about the retreat/advance and the end of the campaign?

Elective tours will walk the Rose Farm, the Seminary grounds, the photographic image sites of Devils Den and the Rose Farm, the hospital sites, and the post-July 3 4pm location of Confederate troops and their July 4 preparations for their retreat. Additionally registrants will spend 45 minutes with the Cyclorama and GNMP guide Sue Boardman and will spend 45 minutes with five NPS rangers who will perform living history of four civilians and on wounded Rebel soldier.

Among the presenters are many familiar names: NPS ranges John Heiser, Eric Campbell, Scott Hartwig, Bert Barnett, Matt Atkinson, Charles Teague, Angela Atkinson and Karlton Smith, GLBGs Sue Boardman, Waynes Motts, Ed Guy, Tim Smith, Garry Adelman and several others from NPS parks other than Gettysburg. Contact Evangelina Rubalcava-Joyce, Park Ranger, Suite 100 GNMP, 1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Unfortunately the April 10-12 weekend is the anniversary 145th anniversary weekend of Appomattox.

Image Source: Bill Dowling Photography

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