Thursday, October 28, 2010

News---Penn State University Launches A People's Contest, Civil War Weblog

Earlier this summer, CWL participated in a survey that considered the kinds of resources and content that might make a Civil War-era weblog useful. Responses to the survey guided Penn State's Richards Civil War Era Center which now offers a new blog, A People's Contest. The weblog covers a wide range of academic and popular culture issues relation to preservation, Southern heritage issues,

Great finds of the wwwsite include: a YouTube video of the Sons of Confederates' summer camp for youth that includes seven hours of classes a day, Pittsburgh's Soldiers and Sailors National Museum organizing of the Pennsylvania Grand Review Project that celebrates African-Americans' service to the Union during the Civil War, the discovery and preservation of Duffy's Cut that holds a mass grave of 57 Irish laborers, and the remarks of scholars visiting the Richard's Civil War Era Center.

CWL strongly recommends bookmarking A People's Conflict which can be found at

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