Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sesquicentennial News----Abraham Lincoln [Frtiz Klein] Travels Again From Springfield to Washington D.C.

President-elect Abraham Lincoln Travels from Springfield, Illinois to Washington, D.C.
The year-long Ohio Statehouse Sesquicentennial celebration continues with a visit from “Abraham Lincoln” to the Ohio Statehouse 150 years to the day after his February 13, 1861 visit.

Abraham Lincoln traveled through more than 83 cities and towns in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Maryland on his way to Washington from February 11-23, 1861. This 150th anniversary program highlights the concerns, fears and hopes Lincoln felt as the nation teetered towards secession and civil war. Abraham Lincoln re-enactor, Fritz Klein, will give a portion of the actual speech that Lincoln delivered to a standing-room only crowd on this exact day, in this exact place, 150 years ago. It was also on this very special day in 1861 that Lincoln received notice that the Electoral College vote had gone his way; he was, in fact, President-elect. During his time in Columbus, Lincoln stayed at Governor Dennison's family home.

The program is presented with marketing support from the Ohio Historical Society, Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism and Experience Columbus. Following is the web link to the 90 minute program.

President-Elect Lincoln at the Ohio State House, February 13, 2011 [February 13, 1861]

Top Image Source: Pasfield House Inn

CWL: CWL was present February 14 when Abraham Lincoln [Fritz Klein] marked the 150th anniversary of his visit to Pittsburgh, PA by appearing at Soldiers and Sailors National Museum's auditorium. One of the highlights of the 1861/2011 sesquicentennial celebration!!! CWL was photographed with Lincoln/Klein holding CWL's Wide Awake 1860 presidential campaign banner. Play the Ohio State House video with your eyes closed and the lights dimmed. The veil between between you and the Civil War era will grow thin. Klein uses Lincoln's words exclusively.

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