Monday, October 24, 2011

Anniversary Reenactment---Ball's Bluff, Leesburg, Virginia: Appreciations and Suggestions

CWL sent these remarks to the on the Monday after the Ball's Bluff commemoration reenactment on October 21, 22, 23.

As an infantry re-enactor who has been on campaign since 1993, me and my pards would list the 2011 Ball’s Bluff as among the best in in our experience.
Reasons: 1. Good accurate scenario on original ground. 2. Schedule of events
3. size of reenactment group, not to large not to small [with the exception of the Rebels, whose enlistments fell noticeably short] 4. And of course, great weather.

As we were leaving the question arose, when are we coming back? Is there an interest by the organizers that having Civil War re-enactors do a NPS style living history on the Ball’s Bluff location annually?

Slight disappointments: A. Friday’s fire wood supply contained a lot of dead wood that wouldn’t make heat; B. and in the ‘it never gets done’ educating the re-enactors on the battle that is being commemorated. Many re-enactors come on the field knowing lots about Gettysburg but not much about Ball’s Bluff and other smaller engagements. A one sheet, both sides with maps handout would go far with re-enactors and, come to think about it, spectators too.

I am one of those re-enactors that walk up to spectators and start conversations and it would be nice to have a common piece of information about the battle to talk about with spectators.

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Ron Baumgarten said...

I live only about 30 minutes away from Leesburg and unfortunately had to miss the reenactment. I would love to see an annual event, as you suggest. Such successful reenactments surely show the value of living history and help to attract people to some of the lesser known, but important battles. (Btw, my VA Civil War 150th license plate tag number is "9PRVC", for--you guessed it--the 9th Pa. Reserves. I see you reenact with that unit. I take a particular interest in them, because I am originally from Pa. and because I live close to where the regiment stayed at Camp Pierpont.)