Thursday, March 01, 2012

News---Newly Found Letter Reveals McClellan's Treason?

William Styple states in a Facebook post: "Soon, my friends, there will be a very important news release from the Associated Press regarding my upcoming book. I have discovered an unpublished letter written from "Head Quarters, Army of the Potomac, Harrison's Landing, Va., July 11, 1862"--which changes the History of the Civil War. It proves once and for all, that General Phil Kearny was correct--Major General George B. McClellan is guilty of High Treason. Bold Statement? Yes. But after America reads this letter, you will all agree with me--it is true beyond any doubt. I was totally shocked when I first discovered this letter, and just kept saying to myself: "My God...My God...Kearny was right...." It is the single most important discovery of my professional career."

This statement is from a Facebook post on March 1, 2012. Styple is no slouch when it comes to rooting out primary sources that have seen the light of day for 100 years. His Generals in Bronze is remarkable! See the USA news story regarding the discovery of a sculptor's interviews of subjects who were Civil War generals. Updates on this news item will be forthcoming.

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