Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Forthcoming: Classic Antietam Study

The Maryland Campaign of September 1862: Ezra A. Carman's Definitive Study of the Union and Confederate Armies at Antietam, Ezra A. Carman, Joseph Pierro, ed., Routledge Publishing, hardcover, fall 2007.

Batchelder never wrote his book on Gettysburg but Ezra Carman wrote his book on Antietam. Antietam/Sharpsburg scholars have told me they are anxious to get their hands on the Carman study of the campaign. The publisher has a release date of August 2007 and a cover, but no information on maps, illustrations, page numbers, index, endnotes, etc. The publisher will be updating me on the details and the arrival of the book. At $95 I expect that the book will be in hardcover for a long while and the paperback is in the far distant future. Write Santa.

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