Monday, May 14, 2007

CWL --- What the Soldiers Really Saw At Gettysburg

Farms At Gettysburg, The Fields of Battle: Selected Images From the Adams County Historical Society, Timothy H. Smith, Thomas Publications, 2007, paperback $9.95

With this book, Timothy Smith continues sharing his successful search for photographs of the Gettysburg battlefield. These nearly 100 black and white photographs, with their extensive captions, reveal what the soldiers of 1863 saw and what they returned to during their post-war reunions. 'Farms At Gettysburg' is essential for anyone reading a general history of the battle or anyone preparing for the licensed battlefield guide exam. With this book, a visitor to the battlefield may be able stand in a particular spot and successfully imagine the soldiers view. The well written text is accessible to readers age 12 and above.

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