Tuesday, January 01, 2008

CWL---'Breaking The Backbone of The Rebellion' Returns To Print

The Final Battles of the Petersburg Campaign: Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion, A. Wilson Greene, University of Tennessee, $45.00 (hardcover).

The first edition, published by Savas PC in 2000, contained 25 original maps 36 photos and illustrations. Current available copies of the Savas Publishing's 2000 hardcover edition begin at $65, when they are offered for sale. The University of Tennessee's edition should arrive in the first sixty days of 2008 (hopefully with a sharper looking cover than the 2000 edition.)

Green presents an in-depth look at the six battles March 1865 battles at Petersburg that rooted Lee's army out of it's burrow. The climax was the breakthrough by the Union Sixth Corps on April 2, just six miles southwest of Petersburg. This Federal victory forced Lee to evacuate Petersburg and Richmond that night, and to surrender his army just one week later.

A. Wilson Greene is executive director of Pamplin Historical Park, which preserves these portion of these battlefields and he is also the author of both Whatever You Resolve to Be, a collection of essays on Stonewall Jackson Civil War and Petersburg: Confederate City in the Crucible of War. Greene has also authored National Geographic Guide to the Civil War National Battlefield Parks(1995).

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