Friday, August 01, 2008

News---Preservation: Restoration of Railroad Cut and Brawner Farm at the Second Manasas Battlefield

The National Park at Manasas announced that it has accomplished the restoration of the Railroad Cut. This part of the Second Manasas battlefield (August 28, 29, 30, 1862) is famed for Stonewall Jackson's stout defense against multiple, vigorous Federal attacks. Previously, the Brawner Farm buildings were rehabilitated; the farm was the site of the collision between the Iron Brigade and the Stonewall Brigade August 28.

For those somewhat familiar with the battlefield park, the Railroad Cut is about a half mile north of the Vistors Center, and the Brawner Farm is about two miles west. The Visitors Center is located on the First Manasas' Henry Hill site. To accommodate the Railroad Cut's rehabilitation the walking trails around the Railroad Cut had been closed for over a year.

Checking the Manasas NMP's 2008 calendar, there are no anniversary events planned; although CWL suspects that there will be walking tours scheduled. With the Pennsylvania Reserves reenactment units, CWL camped on Stuart's Hill for the past two years and did living history of the Brawner Farm. If readers plan to take the walking tours, then use tick repellent. Believe me, burning ticks off with a cigar is not a memory I cherish from the living history event. Though come to think of it, that was probably authentic; but, I did not get a 'period rush' from it.

Photograph: Manasas National Military Park


Unknown said...

I hear you on the ticks. I picked off seventeen of the pests on a single day hike at Manassas. Makes me wonder if suffering through the ill effects of DDT may be worth while in the long run....

Unknown said...

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