Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interactive Map: Where Were Gettysburg's Battlefield Dead Buried?

Zoom view
The Elliott Map is a map of the battlefield of Gettysburg made from an accurate survey of the ground by transit and chain by S. G. Elliott and Company.  Dated June 10, 1864, this map shows the locations of Union and Confederate burials, dead horses, breastworks, lunettes for artillery, and rifle pits, borough and farm buildings,  as well as topographical features.

Although the information appears impressive, a modern day research by historians and battlefield guides argues that the number of burials shown on the map [in particular in the Rose Farm area] are much less in number than what actually exists.   

The Library of Congress has an online and interactive Elliot Map. This link will bring you to the LOC map. Once you have the map on screen you can zoom in and out and scroll around the map by using the computer's  mouse wheel.  The Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center has a online compendium of historic and contemporary maps. Here is the link

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