Friday, November 09, 2012

News---$2.5 Million 'The Soldier Experience Opens at Army Education Center, Carlisle PA

AHEC Prepares To launch Interactive Exhibit, Tammie Gitt, The Sentinel, November 8, 2012.
Explosions rattle the wooden benches as Chinese soldiers stream toward you.
Just as you’re being overrun, a voice yells, "We’re coming through!" The firefight quiets down and you have survived another night in Korea.
In 1950, you might have stepped out of the bunker into a cold, dangerous night. Today, you step out into the safety of the exhibit area telling the story of the soldiers who fought in Korea.
Experiences like this are just one aspect of a $2.5 million exhibit, "The Soldier Experience," opening today at the Army Heritage and Education Center in Middlesex Township. The grand opening of the exhibit will be held from 4 to 6 p.m., but the exhibit will be open throughout the weekend. Living veterans featured in the exhibit, as well as re-enactors representing earlier soldiers, will be at the opening ceremony.
Col. Matt Dawson, director of the Army Heritage and Education Center, said the exhibits combine documents with photographs and other artifacts to tell a story.
"What we hope is that as people walk through the museum, they will find something that they are interested in," he said.  He added that he hopes people will then take that interest further by using the center’s collections to research it. John Leighow, director of the Army Heritage Museum, said the experience, which took a little more than two years to come together, exhibits items in the center’s collection in a way that allows visitors to understand the Army through the eyes of a soldier on the ground.
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