Friday, September 28, 2012

News---Where Have I Seen Him Before In the Movies?

 To Appomattox, an 8 part made for TV series premiering in 2013, has had a name change. It is now called Grant VS. Lee. Here is the summary of the first three episodes:

The Point At West Point and in Mexico, relationships between the best and brightest men of emerging American nation are formed-deep bonds made-then challenged with the outbreak of Civil War. American Macbeth Grant's triumphs in the West set rivals against him in Washington who use rumors of his earlier alcoholism to check his advancement. In the East, ambitious George McClellan is given supreme command over all U.S. forces and faces the indomitable Robert E. Lee in battle. Shooting Star Against the backdrop of Bloody Shiloh in the West, Grant and Sherman's friendship is cemented-the friendship that will win the war. In the East, Lee triumphs over McClellan, while Henry Halleck, fearing that Grant's continued success will usurp his own power and position removes Grant from command in order to make Grant's victories his own...

Of course, there must be an Abraham Lincoln. So who would you cast as the president? 

Here is the ballot: George Pickett, Stonewall Jackson, Colonel Miles Quaritch

You won if you voted for Stephen Lang.   Check the To Appomattox film website and the Internet Movie Database's entry for Stephen Lang.

Image Source: CinemaBlend. com

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