Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New and Noteworthy: The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln

The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln, Stephen L. Carter, Knopf Publishing, 528 pp.,  $26.95.

From the Publisher: Stephen L. Carter's thrilling new novel takes as its starting point an alternate history. President Abraham Lincoln survives the assassination attempt at Ford's Theatre on April 14, 1865. Two years later he is charged with overstepping his constitutional authority, both during and after the Civil War and now faces an impeachment trial.  Here is a vividly imagined work of historical fiction that caputres the emotional tenor of post-Civil War America, a brillantly realized courtroom drama that explores the always contention question of the nature of presidential authority, and a galvanizing story of political suspense.

From a Books and Culture ReviewRe-reading it, I'm reminded why I read fiction in the first place, and why a new book by Stephen Carter is always to be celebrated.  On top of all its novelistic pleasures, The Impeachment of Abraham Lincolnis perfectly timed for this election year. "Nowadays," Carter writes in an author's note at the end, "the more politically engaged among our citizenry tend to cry 'impeachment' whenever a President they happen to dislike does anything remotely controversial. Our sense of history has grown dangerously thin, and our sense of proportion with it."   Amen.

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