Wednesday, August 01, 2012

News: Fort Moultrie, Charleston, SC Online Resource Bank Nears Completion

Fort Moultrie's rear facadeFrom Dave Marley, historical director of Battlefields in Motion:

Just a quick update, to let you know that our illustrated Fort Moultrie Glossary is almost two-thirds complete, and we have already been quite surprised at the volume of traffic which it is attracting, possibly because it is not wholly confined to the dry subjects of fortification and heavy artillery:

A few of its more unusual entries include bug juice, buzz, Five Indians, molasses stucco, Moultrie House Hotel, myrtle grove, piazza, pickle, toothpick, and yellow wash. There are also thumbnail histories and rare photos of such famed antebellum militia units as the Charleston Zouave Cadets, Washington Artillery, and Washington Light Infantry.

Am also attaching a couple more stills, one being a close-up of Fort Moultrie’s medical officer, Dr. Samuel Wylie Crawford  who had a remarkably piercing gaze — in its largest Wallpaper version, although other sizes are also available on our Free Downloads page.

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