Monday, October 15, 2007

Words from the Well-Known: Nathaniel P. Banks

Nathaniel P. Banks, U.S. Major General, AKA 'Bobbin Boy of Massachusetts', and 'Commissary Banks'

At the conclusion of the First Battle of Kernstown, VA (February 27th, 1862) in which his troops defeated those of Thomas Jackson:
"The enemy is weak, demoralised and depressed." (1.)

Two weeks before the Battle of Front Royal, Virginia (May 23rd, 1862):
"It is impossible to anticipate what work lies before us; I fee the imperative necessity of making preparations for the worst." (2.)

During the Battle of Front Royal, Virginia (May 23rd, 1862), near the end of the day but before the Federal retreat:
"By God Sir! I will not retreat! We have more to fear from the opinions of our friends than the bayonets of our enemies!" (3.)

During the Valley Campaign, 1862:
"We must constantly feel the enemy, know where he is, and what he is doing. Vigilance, activity and a precaution that has a considerable mixture of audacity in it will carry you through many difficulties." (4.)

The Oxford Dictionary of Civil War Quotations John D. Wright, ed. 2006, pp. 19-20.

CWL Dialogs with Banks:
1.) "But General, how long will that last?"
2.) "A sage once told me General, "Plan your work and work your plan."
3.) "But General, the bayonets are closer than our friends!"
4.) "General, was that 'a cautious audacity' or 'an audacious caution' ?

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