Monday, April 07, 2008

Seminar---Reaping The Whirlwind in Lynchburg, Virginia

Reaping the Whirlwind: The Battle of Gettysburg, The 2008 Liberty University Civil War Seminar March 28-30, Lynchburg, Virginia

Steven Woodworth on the Lee/Davis/Cabinet Schism over the Invasion and
Kent Masterson Brown on Lee's Plans for the Retreat

Troy Harmon on Lee's Plan for the Battle and for Pickett's Charge and
Ethan Rafus on Lee' and Meade's Plans for their corps commanders

Brian Melton on the Slocum's deliberate speed and
Warren Robinson on Jeb Stuart's deliberate impetuosity

Bradley Gottfried on the Union Artillery and
Ben Maryniak on the Union Chaplains

Tom Dejardin on Joshua Chamberlain in the hands Michael Shaara and
Richard Williams on Joshua Chamberlain in the hands of God

Jerry Markham on the 11th Virginia and
David Rider on Berdan's Sharpshooters at Gettysburg

Brenda Ayers on Gettysburg's female civilians and
Delanie Stephenson on Jenny Wade

Steven Woodworth on the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge
Ethan Rafuse on George Meade's strategy before and after the battle

Ervin Jordan on African-Americans in the Confederate army at Gettysburg and
Darlene and Michael Graves giving a dramatic reading of the Gettysburg Address with segments of The Gettysburg Gosple by Gabor Borrit

The Second South Carolina Band on the dance floor


Woodworth on the death of Jackson: "God said no to Lee."

Rafuse on Meade: "Meade was mortally wounded at Glendale and took ten years to die."

Harmon on Lee's Invasion Plan: "Lee was aware that a Napoleonic maxim stated that 90 men per acre per day was required while in the enemy's territory."

Harmon on Lee's Plan for Pickett's Charge: "There were six clumps of trees on Cemetery Ridge."

Robinson on Stuart's Ride to the battlefield: "210 miles in ten days whipped Stuart's cavalry."

Brian Melton on Slocum: "Slocum understood himself to be the commander of the right wing and Meade was unaware that Slocum thought that."

Civil War Librarian and his Civil War Lady still standing after a 6:30p-10:00p set of reels and polkas.

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