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CWL --- Gettysburg NMP Seminar Papers

The Gettyburg National Military Park hosts an annual seminar and has published the papers from the fourth through the tenth meetings. John Heiser, Ranger and Librarian of the GNMP, has provided this list to Civil War Librarian. Many Thanks, John!

#1. The Fourth Annual Gettysburg Seminar. Gettysburg 1895-1995: The Shaping of an American Shrine,1995. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park.

Abstract: Collection of essays on the history of the park post-battle to 1895 and then to 1995. Hardcover, 153pp

Eric Campbell, ‘A Field Made Glorious’ Cemetery Hill: From Battlefield to Sacred Ground

Charles Fennell, A Battle From the Start: The Creation of the Memorial Landscape at the Bloody Angle in Gettysburg National Military Park

Kathleen Harrison, “Patriotic & Enduring Efforts” An Introduction to the Gettysburg Battlefield Commission.

D. Scott Hartwig, They Were Soldiers Once and Young and Brave: Veterans and Gettysburg National Military Park

Glenn LaFantasie, Memories of Little Round Top

John Latschar, Gettysburg: The Next 100 Years

Karlton Smith, Changing Faces of Gettysburg: The National Park Service at Gettysburg

Mark Snell, In Lasting Tribute: The U.S. Army and Gettysburg, Post 1863.

#2. Unsung Heroes of Gettysburg, Programs of the Fifth Annual Gettysburg Seminar 1996. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, ills., 133pp.

Abstract: Dissertations on civilians and military units and officers, and individuals who contributed to the development of the park at Gettysburg from the Fifth Annual Gettysburg Seminar.

D. Scott Hartwig, Casualties of War Effects of the Battle of Gettysburg Upon an Infantry Regiment

Rebecca Lyons, Hannah Ropes Family of Massachusetts: A Struggle for American Values
Edward Smith, Blacks in Blue and Gray: The Afro-American Contribution to the Civil War

Eric Campbell, “We saved the Line from being Broken”, Freeman McGilvery, John Bigelow, Charles Reed and the Battle of Gettysburg

Thomas Holbrook, Men of Action: Unsung Heroes of the Cavalry Battle

Timothy Smith, “These were days of horror.” The Gettysburg Civilians

Karlton Smith, Pettigrew & Trimble: The Other Half of the Story

Edward Guy, 100% Confederate Stories: The Men in the Ranks of the Army of Northern Virginia

Thomas Schaefer, If You Seek His Monument- Look Around: E.B. Cope and the Gettysburg National Military Park

#3. Mr. Lincoln’s Army, The Army of the Potomac in the Gettysburg Campaign, Programs of the Sixth Annual Gettysburg Seminar 1998. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, maps, footnotes, 324pp.

Abstract: Collection of essays concerning the Union Army at Gettysburg, featuring subjects including army morale, logistics and supply, general officers, strategy and politics.

Dr. Charles Fennell, “‘Heroes of Continual Defeat’, The Army of the Potomac on the Eve of the Gettysburg Campaign”

Eric Campbell, “‘The Army has never done so much’ The Army of the Potomac versus Public Opinion”

Mark A. Snell, “‘We Marched and Fought this battle without baggage or wagons’ The Army of the Potomac’s Logisticians during the Gettysburg Campaign”

Michael Phipps, “‘They too fought here.’ The Officer Corps of the Army of the Potomac’s Cavalry During the Battle of Gettysburg”

Kevin Coughenour, “Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, Divisional Command in the Army of the Potomac”

Karlton Smith, “Honor-Duty-Courage. The 5th Army Corps During the Gettysburg Campaign.”

Bert Barnett, “Union Artillery on July 3”

D. Scott Hartwig, “‘The fate of a country’, The Repulse of Longstreet’s Assault by the Army of the Potomac”

Gregory A Coco, “‘A laborious and vexatious task.’ The Medical Department of the Army of the Potomac from the Seven Days through the Gettysburg Campaign..”

#4. The High Water Mark of an Army, The Army of Northern Virginia in the Gettysburg Campaign, Programs of the Seventh Annual Gettysburg Seminar 1999. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, 158pp.

Abstract: Collection of essays relating to the Army of Northern Virginia in 1863, focusing on the Gettysburg Campaign, with essays on Ewell, Lee, and Cemetery Hill, James Longstreet, the Confederate artillery on July 3, and the role of Confederate Cavalry leaders.

John Heiser, The High Water Mark of an Army; Arnold Blumberg, Rebel Sabres, Confederate Cavalry Leaders in the Gettysburg Campaign;

Scott Hartwig, ‘Never have I seen such as charge’, Pender’s Light Division at Gettysburg, July 1; Bert Barnett, Colonel E.P. Alexander and the First Corps Artillery Assail the Peach Orchard;

Troy Harman, The Importance of Ewell’s Attack on July 2 Has Been Missed;

Eric A. Campbell, Richard H. Anderson’s Division at the Battle of Gettysburg;

Karlton Smith, “Never was I so depressed”, James Longstreet and Pickett’s Charge.

#5. The American Civil War in 1863, Programs of the Eighth Annual Gettysburg Seminar
2001. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, footnotes, 173pp.

Abstract: Set of essays dealing with selective aspects of the Civil War in 1863 including articles on the political motives of Jefferson Davis, the Vicksburg campaign, religion in the Army of Northern Virginia, foreign policy, and Lincoln's political motives to continue the war effort. All articles are by park staff.

D. Scott Hartwig, “We Must Fight More Vindictively: The American Civil Was in 1863.”
Bert Barnett, “He is Proud, Self-Reliant and I Fear Stubborn: Jefferson Davis and the Western Command.”

Terence J. Winschel, “Key to Victory: An Overview of the Vicksburg Campaign.”

Rebecca Lyons, “Long, Hot Summer of ‘63”

Troy D. Harman, “The Great Revival of 1863: Effects Upon the Army of Northern Virginia.”

Karlton Smith, “The Queen, the Emperor, and the Republican: United States Foreign Policy in 1863.”

Eric A Campbell,” Forever Free to A New Birth of Freedom: Abraham Lincoln in 1863.”

#6. “I ordered no man to go where I would not go myself.” Leadership in the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg, Papers of the Ninth Annual Gettysburg National Military Park Seminar 2002. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, 214 p., ill.

Abstract: Papers of the Ninth Gettysburg National Military Park seminar, April 2002.

Michael Phipps, “Mahan at West Point, Gallic Bias and the Old Army: The Subconscious of Leadership at Gettysburg”

Tom Vossler, “The Opening Fight at Gettysburg” Modern Military Analysis”

Troy D. Harman, “In Defense of Henry Slocum on July 1”

Bert Barnett, “Leadership in the 1st and 11th Corps Artillery on the First Day of the Battle of Gettysburg”

Karlton Smith, “Colonel Edward Lyon Bailey and the Second New Hampshire Infantry at Gettysburg.”

Terry Latschar, “’My brave Texans, forward and take those heights!’ Jerome Bonaparte Robertson and the Texas Brigade”

D. Scott Hartwig, “’I ordered no man to go where I would not go myself.’ Norman Hall, Alexander Webb, Alonzo Cushing, and the Art of Leading Men in Battle”

Mark A. Snell, “‘A hell of a damned fool.’ Judson Kilpatrick, Farnsworth’s Charge, and the Hard Hand of History”

Glenn LaFantasie, “How Lincoln Won and Lost Gettysburg”

#7. “This has been a terrible ordeal.” The Gettysburg Campaign and First Day of Battle. Papers of the Tenth Annual Gettysburg Seminar.2006. Gettysburg, PA: Gettysburg National Military Park. Soft cover, maps, 288pp.

Abstract: Essays on leadership and battle action on July 1 from the Tenth bi-annual Gettysburg Seminar.

D. Scott Hartwig, The First Day at Gettysburg;

Eric A. Campbell, Voices of the Gettysburg Campaign and the First Day of Battle;

William G. Hewitt, Confederate Operational Considerations: Advance to Gettysburg;

Michael Phipps, Walking Point: John Buford on the Road to Gettysburg;

Anthony Nicastro, Why Gettysburg? Analysis of the Command Decisions and Intelligence Failures that Led to Gettysburg;

D. Scott Hartwig, Herbst Woods, July 1, 1863;

Bert Barnett, Confederate Artillery Operations on the First Day of Gettysburg;

Karlton Smith, Brigadier General Junius Daniel’s North Carolina Brigade on July 1;

Troy D. Harman, The 11th Army Corps and the Battle North of Town;

Matt Atkinson, General George Doles Georgia Brigade on July 1.


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