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CWL --- Ted Savas Clears the Air on Amazon.Com, 'Maps of Gettysburg' and the Need for a Second Printing

Ted Savas, is the director of Savas Beatie, the publishing company that just released Brad Gottfried's "Maps of Gettysburg." During the past week, he has followed the posts on Gettysburg Discussion regarding the book.

Here is his July 7th update on the issues involved:

Ordering: The book is widely available, so I do not know what Amazon is talking about when they say it won't ship for weeks. Unfortunately, Amazon went to the Big Dance with books, but left with appliances and make-up; i.e., failed to keep their book division well staffed. It is nearly impossible to get information changed on their site (it is often wrong, for many books), or get a correct answer to a simple question.

Signed and Inscribed Copies: Yes, we have signed copies Brad was good enough to agree to sign a few cases, but they were gone in a few days. He is out of books (again), but we have ordered up more from the warehouse in DC to his home in Maryland, so orders should all be in the mail by the end of this coming week (July 13). Yes, when you order a book from us it will automatically be signed, and if you want to confirm or would like it specially inscribed, send us a follow up email through our website at We posted a recent interview with Brad there that will also answer some of the questions I am being asked.

First Editions: As I write [July 7th], about 65% of the first edition is already gone-either sold outright or in the stream of commerce. Many ask how to make sure they have a first edition, first printing. The only books out there noware first editions, first printings.

However, this week we are ordering up a second printing, which will be available in three weeks. So, you can decideon the speed with which you should act-or not. Like all books, I am sure there will be something in Gottfried's "Maps of Gettysburg" we wish we had done differently, or written differently or presented differently. It is the nature of any beast such as this.

Our sincere hope is that what we have done contributes to the study of the campaign, and that it triggers additional excitement in others whose interest is currently but lukewarm-that would be wonderful. An entry point into seeing and understanding might well do that.

I got a phone call yesterday [July 6] from a man who bought a copy at the battlefield. He had never visited the field or read about the Civil War, but his 17-year old son wanted to go. So they drove 700 miles to see the field. He said they read Brad's book in the hotel, took it on the field, and both of them "really got into the battle." Now the dad wants to read more about it, and asked for reading suggestions. That put a huge smile on my face.

Another convert infected with the virus. Finally, let take the time to say thank you for all you do on this board. Itis amazing to see the knowledge bantered so easily about here. What you have done for Gettysburg and campaign is extraordinary. I wish I could play a bigger role, but my weak knowledge base would instantly be visible for all to see. So I will stick with publishing and reading and leave the discussion to the experts. Happy reading. Best regards.

Theodore P. Savas, Savas Beatie LLC, P.O. Box 4527 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762916-941-6896 (voice)916-941-6895 (fax)

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